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Something About Sally
I grew up with Boston Terriers and on reflection, find that their character is actually quite similar to that of
a Parson.   I have lived my entire life in Greensboro, North Carolina, with the exception of a little time in
Anchorage, Alaska, and NYC.  

When I married, I inhertited a Bassett Hound, and then we  acquired Yorkies and Carins and began
showing them successfully.   In the mid- seventies, the late Ian Milne, then Huntsman for the Sedgefield
Hunt, gave me (after much persuasion)…a little bundle of tan and white puppy fur, named Splinter.   Thus
my ownership began with this breed to which,  I have dedicated most of my adult life to, The Jack Russell
Terrier; now known as the Parson Russell Terrier.  Splinter put up with me and taught me a lot and after
she was bred, her children continued to educate me.  This continues to this day as I have a straight line
that can be traced back from many generations to my girl, Splinter.

I have enjoyed most all aspects of competition with my terriers including performance and conformation
and we have had many winning years together.  Natural hunting also proved a large part of several of the
terriers lives and a good one is never replaced.  I have learned so much from the Parsons and enjoy
learning daily, as this unique little dog NEVER ceases to amaze me in everything they do.  When I lose
one, a part of me is lost also, never to be the same again.  Such a joy in my life these little dogs provide.
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